Picture Attachments Wizard 1.1 for Outlook

Well, I’ve been at it again.  Tweaking, oiling, refining, having fun adding new features, etc.  But in the end, this is the software I actually wanted to release in September (I was in a hurry).  And the resulting effort is a dramatic improvement to the product, I humbly think.

Changes include streamlined command bars:

New, advanced attachment management features – not just for pictures!

And the Wizard screen has been redesigned and is now more intuitive, with multiple views (filmstrip, thumbnails, details, etc.) and a new way of loading selected images in the installed image editor of your choice:


  • Preview attachments as you add them to new e-mails
  • Advanced options for exporting attachment files
  • And much more!

For more info visit my “other“ site at Collaborative Innovations.  Or just download the free 45 day trial directly and have some fun!  All these new features and it’s STILL only $19.99!  How in the world am I going to put my kids through college if I’m practically giving it away?  :-)

If you want the whole kit and kaboodle of what the product does, here’s a list:


  • All common image file formats are supported: .bmp, .emf, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tif, .wmf
  • Custom Outlook Command Bars
    • runs all available commands: launch Wizard screen, run slide show, quick-save attachments, save attachments to specified folder, export attachments, delete attachments and change program settings
    • visible on both the main Outlook window and individual Outlook messages
    • option to hide toolbar on main Outlook window
    • option to hide toolbar on message windows if no image files are attached to the message
  • Picture Attachments Wizard screen
    • Choose from multiple views that display the attached images files (filmstrip, thumbnails, list, details, etc. – just like a Windows folder)
    • View pictures with a choice of any installed image viewer application; just choose the application, and double-click the file as you would in a Windows folder – the chosen application bypasses using the default registered application for that file type! No more right-clicking the file to choose a program from the “Open With” menu
    • Open all images at once or just the selected images with the chosen application
    • Task Pane with collapsible/expandable areas:
      • Picture Tasks area with all available commands
      • Picture Info area that show basic or extended image information
        • Basic: file name, image dimensions, file size, horizontal and vertical resolution
        • Extended: view EXIF (Extensible Image File Format, soon to be known as the DCF or Digital Camera File format specification) details of the selected photos. This is photographic information that is stored in the picture files from most digital cameras (camera model, date picture taken, shutter speed, flash mode, F-number, exposure time, etc.)
      • A separate listing of image files in the e-mail that have been taken with a digital camera; click an entry and preview it immediately
    • Hide or show the Task Pane
    • Choose from four different style themes for the toolbar
  • Other features
    • Auto-display the Wizard screen when an e-mail opens – either loaded in front of the e-mail window, or tiled horizontally/vertically with the e-mail so that you can still read the message text
      • Plus, choose to hide or show the Task Pane by default for either of the above three display modes
      • Option to only auto-display when all or any attachments are pictures
    • Run a full-screen slide show of attached photos
      • Launch from folder view with message selected or from an open e-mail window
      • Have the slideshow start automatically when the e-mail opens
      • Change slide transition timing
      • Navigation buttons for pausing or cycling through the pictures
    • Quick-save just the picture attachments or all of the attachments in selected messages to a predefined directory, or choose a destination folder
    • Export attachments with advanced options:
      • Export to predefined or selected folder
      • Export from selected messages or all messages in the current folder
      • Save to sub-folders created using the e-mail Subject line as the folder name
      • embed the e-mail Subject line into the file name, or embed custom text
      • Choose which attachments in the selected messages to export:
        • all attachments
        • just supported image files
        • exclude image files
        • specified file extensions only
      • Delete attachments from original e-mail after export
      • Include an export report as a .txt file attachment to the original e-mail, detailing the folder path where the attachments was saved, and whether or not the attachments have been permanently deleted
    • Preview attachments when creating a new e-mail


  • *Windows® XP Home/Professional (all other Windows® versions are NOT supported)
  • Outlook® 2000/2002/2003

*Non-English versions of Windows® XP are not currently supported. International display issues will be resolved in a future release.

Does that sound so good you want to buy it right away?  I won’t mind!

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