Uploading files with code in WSS 2.0

This is more for my benefit because I always seem to have to research this over and over and over again, and I always have to dig to find out what I discovered. But if you need to programmatically upload files from a client to a SharePoint Document Library in WSS 2.0 or SharePoint Portal Server 2003, these resources may help you as well.

Best client side sample I’ve seen:

All About SharePoint : How To Upload A File To SharePoint?:


(but I’m very puzzled as he’s using server side classes, which I thought can only be used in a web app…)

Erika Ehrli : How to: Magic with SharePoint 2003, uploading files using a Web service:


(note the discussion on file upload limitations)

GotDotNet User Sample: Example of how to upload a file to a SharePoint library via the FrontPage RPC protocol:


Lists Web Service (Can be used to create lists/libraries and change list properties):


Creating a Sample Document Upload Web Service


Upload document with WebDAV (but can’t edit metadata??):


All About SharePoint : WS Upload Service Demo Using ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Beta 2:


GotDotNet User Sample: Simple Sharepoint Document Upload Web Service:


Blog – Programatically Load Document to SharePoint…:


(using UNC paths to copy from the client, using WebDAV)

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