Office 2010 – Where are my macro buttons??

I’m so used to using ALT+F11 to bring up the Macro Editor in Office (usually Outlook) that I was at a loss during a moment of inefficiency when I felt the need to click a big shiny “Visual Basic Editor” button.  Where the heck is it?  Where are the Macros and Macro Security buttons as well?


Above is the new Ribbon in the main Outlook 2010 window (or Explorer).  There are no development related buttons of any kind on the Home tab (of course), and none on the other tabs.  That’s okay though, because we can finally customize the Ribbon in Office 2010!  So right-click anywhere in the ribbon and choose “Customize the Ribbon”:


Then take a look at the right side of the dialog:


Yup – check the Developer box and away you go:


Eric Legault

Full-stack product builder & consultant for Microsoft 365 & Graph. Microsoft MVP 2003 - 2019. Outlook add-in guru. Rocker. Video/audio engineer. Collects Thors.

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