Creating a View for OneNote Tasks in Outlook

If you use OneNote to create Tasks in Outlook, there’s  no obvious way to see which of the items in your Outlook Tasks folder may have come from OneNote.   There are probably lots of instances where you want to distinguish those Tasks from items you create directly in Outlook.  The answer is to create a filtered View in your Tasks folder.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Tasks folder
  2. Click View -> Current View -> Define Views…
  3. Click the New button
  4. Name the View “OneNote Tasks”, click OK
  5. Click the Filter button
  6. Click the Advanced tab
  7. Click the Field dropdown button and select OneNoteTaskID from the “User-defined fields in folder” group
  8. Choose “is not empty” for the Condition and click the “Add to List” button
  9. Click OK, click OK, click Apply View

View filter example:

You can further tweak the View by adding or removing various fields, do some custom sorting or grouping, and add additional filters like hiding completed tasks.  In the end your Task list should look like this:

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