Picture Attachments Wizard for Microsoft Outlook – released!

Update: Version 1.1 has been released.  More info at this post.

From prototype to MSDN article to beta – and now, finally – the commercial version of Picture Attachments Wizard for Microsoft Outlook has been released!

Picture Attachments Wizard ad

You can also download a free 45 day trial.  For order information and support, please visit my new web site at Collaborative Innovations (http://www.collaborativeinnovations.ca).


  • Thumbnail view of attached photos in a separate screen
    • from Inbox, select message and view thumbnail screen
    • from e-mail, can tile thumbnail screen horizontally or vertically with the e-mail message
    • Auto-display thumbnails when e-mail opens
  • Run slideshow of attached photos
    • Launch from Inbox or e-mail
    • Can control slide transition timing
    • Navigation buttons for pausing or cycling through the pictures
  • Wizard form
    • View EXIF (Extensible Image File Format, soon to be known as the DCF – Digital Camera File format) details of photos; this is photographic information that is stored in the picture files from most digital cameras (camera model, date picture taken, shutter speed, flash mode, F-number, exposure time, etc.)
    • Open all or selected pictures with a choice of any installed image viewer application
    • Save all or selected picture attachments in current e-mail to default or specific folder
    • Expand thumbnail view to full screen
    • Collapse/expand Picture Tasks and Picture Info explorer bars
  • Toolbar on main Outlook window and e-mail window to launch Wizard form, Thumbnails screen, slideshow, quick-save all picture attachments from selected e-mails to default or specific folder and change wizard settings
  • Ability to save all picture attachments in all e-mail messages in the current folder to a specified folder all at once
  • Program settings:
    • Change default attachment save directory
    • Auto display Wizard, thumbnails or slideshow when opening an e-mail message
      • Only auto display above when all attachments are pictures or at least one is a picture
      • Auto display thumbnails screen with e-mail message tiled vertically or horizontally
    • Hide extra text on slideshow screen
    • Hide main Outlook Picture Attachments Wizard toolbar on startup


  • Windows XP (all other Windows versions are NOT supported)
  • Outlook 2000/XP/2003


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2 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    …so….is there a new version of this somewhere out there, designed for Outlook 2013? :)

    • Josh says:

      …I ask because we have a specific group of people who use it for a specific reason – and they would love to continue to use it, some some of the functionality isn’t included in 2013 natively.

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