Announcing MessageFiler Release Candidate 1 – and contest winners!

After three months of hard work the MessageFiler Beta has come to a close! Everything is looking solid and the new UI (3rd version!) is quite spiffy.  All that’s left to complete is the licensing system and the mobile UI (OY!). Hopefully that’ll be done real soon and then the Office Store submission process goes smoothly!

Here’s a sneak peak of the UI – working in an account!

MessageFiler running in
Beta Contest Winners

Technically this wasn’t really a contest – since only three people entered and there was supposed to be five winners, it was no contest.  Boy it’s tough being small.  Any investors out there?  Anyway – they earned it by either actively testing and finding bugs to helping promote it.  So THANK YOU!  Congratulations to the following people who have won a $25 Amazon gift card:

  • Maarten van Stam
  • David Wesst
  • D’Arcy Lussier

You can still try it out – the RC is live and ready to use.  Just sign up here and you’ll get instructions on how to install it.  Feedback is welcome, there’s still time to make some changes.  Cheers…

Eric Legault

Full-stack product builder & consultant for Microsoft 365 & Graph. Microsoft MVP 2003 - 2019. Outlook add-in guru. Rocker. Video/audio engineer. Collects Thors.

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