This blog orginated as “Eric Legault My Eggo: Outlook, SharePoint and Office development | Not much about waffles” in 2004 and was originally hosted on Office Zealot (RIP).  All posts before 2014 were migrated, but the majority of comments were not.  All original posts, with complete comments, can still be viewed in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:


This new version should maintain the same focus  So, topics on my favourite technologies: Outlook add-in development, Office and SharePoint.  However, I do plan on talking more about Office 365, Apps for Office and the latest stuff on Office development.  I will also be talking about my experiences selling software as an ISV via OutlookAppins.com: Ecommerce with Shopify, marketing, product management and product development.

For more about ME, that’s best covered here:

LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/ericlegault

About me: http://about.me/ericmlegault

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  1. Daniel Friesen says:

    Please contact me re an outlook question

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