My Session for Winnipeg Code Camp 2010

Come on down this Saturday, Feb. 27 to Red River College for the 3rd annual Winnipeg Code Camp and some good, ol’ fashioned, mind altering codin’ and learnin’ and figurin’!  My session will be on:

Designing Outlook Applications For SharePoint and Exchange

VSTO and other third-party development tools provide a powerful canvas to create highly professional Outlook applications that integrate with SharePoint and/or Exchange.  This session will highlight the design capabilities of VSTO, Add-In Express and Redemption for creating Outlook COM Add-Ins or Windows Service applications and review development strategies for consuming/writing SharePoint/Outlook/Exchange data.  Outlook examples will illustrate  creating Task Panes, advanced form regions and custom property pages for building your presentation layer to consume SharePoint Web Services.  Server-side examples include building solutions to work with Outlook/Exchange data without requiring Outlook or Exchange to be installed, such as synchronizing Public Folder e-mails with a Document Library.

I’m on at 1:00 – 2:15 in the “Classroom”.  Register here!

Eric Legault

Full-stack product builder & consultant for Microsoft 365 & Graph. Microsoft MVP 2003 - 2019. Outlook add-in guru. Rocker. Video/audio engineer. Collects Thors.

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